Nextbox cleaning is now in full swing and we are adding up the data we have gathered!

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Mountain Bluebird Trails

Conservation Society

The Mountain Bluebird Trails Conservation Society (MBTCS), serving Southern Alberta,  has been active for over forty years.
Started by the late Duncan Mackintosh, members have been successful in in increasing the population of Mountain Bluebirds nesting in southern Alberta.

With countless volunteer hours, several thousand bluebird boxes have been constructed, installed on fence posts, and maintained every year to provide nesting sites for bluebirds. We invite you to volunteer as a monitor, or join our box making and maintenance team, or support us financially, to help maintain and grow the Mountain Bluebird population!

Vision and Direction

Restore and Create Habitat

Mountain Bluebird Trails Conservation  Society( MBTCS) as a group is dedicated  to studying, and helping restore the natural range of the Mountain Bluebird in southern Alberta.

To support their ability to remain sustainable, we provide nesting habitats, sized to birds the size of a mountain bluebird, to replace loss of nesting sites due to land clearing, or  other habitat changes. We also monitor numbers of live births and have in the past banded and tracked thousands of birds. We build boxes and create safe bluebird homes, from north of Nanton to the US border and along our foothills and rivers, and support development of a Trans Continental Bluebird Trail of migration.


MBTCS was once faced with dwindling numbers of mountain Bluebirds. Natural factors like our adverse weather conditions, unreliable insect food sources and changing predators – such as increasing raccoon, hawk and increased human presence. This have made the gentle bluebird an easy target. Together with Alberta Parks and Wildlife, researchers from Calgary Zoo and Waterton National Park, MBTCS volunteers are working hard to determine the best methods to protect and provide better prospects for survival, and we are slowly seeing improvement.

Education and Communication

MBTCS -Lethbridge, together with Monitors in Medicine Hat/ Cypress hills area, Pincher Creek/Oldman river  as well as the Calgary Bluebird Monitors, collect numbers, information and photos of what is happening on our trails!

The wonderful guides written by Myrna Pearman of Ellis Bird Farm, help us identify the correct ages and stages.

MBTCS newsletters are a great resource for keep up with Current learnings. Your emails and comments are welcome both to our website , and our Facebook page.


Birds of a feather flock together- and this has never been truer in the terms of the support system that helps keep MBTCS going! We not only enjoy learning from other Bluebird international associations, but we rely heavily on good information from Ellis Bird Farm, near Lacombe, AB. We have generously been given funds and tools from Lethbridge Community Foundation ( nest box construction materials and GPS trail management equipment), Shell Oil –  Pincher Creek –( our computer and printer, banding pliers and more)  Pincher Creek Co-op (Many sheets of plywood),  Work Bee teams- Goldie Weeks, Ric Swihart, our own executive and so many more too numerous to mention. Thank you so much to all Contributors and Volunteers for the hours and expertise you give us. It is gratefully received and put to good use!


We annually like to show you an overview of what has been happening on our bluebird trails! To do this – you will need to look into our annual reports- but here is a quick overview of what happened in the past two seasons- just so you can compare!

Number of nest saved – “number”

Number of eggs (2016-2017) – “number

Nestling Fledging (First batch) – “number”

Nestling Fledging (Second batch) – “number”

Number of abandoned eggs – “number”

Do you care about conserving mountain bluebirds like we do?