Bluebird Identification and Distribution

Distribution of the 3 Bluebird Species of North America

The Mountain Bluebird inhabits western North America. Its breeding range extends from the Yukon Territory, south through British Columbia east of the Coast Range. It breeds as far east as eastern Manitoba. The Mountain Bluebird is the most migratory bluebird species, although many individuals simply move locally to lower elevations.

As for other bluebirds, the Eastern Bluebird, with its deep sky-blue back and crown and chestnut-red throat and breast, is found from southern Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia, along the east coast to Florida, and around the Gulf of Mexico to western Texas.

The Western Bluebird, which is characterized by a blue throat and rusty upper back and breast, shares some of the Mountain Bluebird’s range in southwestern Canada. It occupies southern British Columbia through southern California into central Mexico and northward up through New Mexico to western Montana. It is scarcer than the Mountain Bluebird, except west of the coast ranges.

Distribution charts